RamenTimer gives you all the software you need to create top-notch ramen productions independently. You get fast, interactive timing tools, direct proxy-free remaining time notification, and a passel of easy-to-use buttons and sliders--in effect, a post-production kitchen-in-a-box.

good code was founded in 1998 to create high-quality software for the Macintosh. RamenTimer represents some of our first efforts to further this goal. Since the product is currently too crappy and far too useless to be any good to anyone, we are offering it to our customers in a free, downloadable package-- A 'Thanks for sticking with us' to all our fans.

Please note: good code software does not in any way guarantee or advocate thus use of this product. You assume all risks and consequences associated with the use of RamenTimer and any of goodcode's free offerings. Use at your own risk.

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